BRICKBaRCELONA belongs to the network APIALIA ‘Zona Alta’-Barcelona

25th May -

API is a group that consists of several trade collectives called APIALIA. BRICKBaRCELONA is associated to APIALIA-‘Zona Alta’of Barcelona. Visit the web site of the group!

These collectives follow the general cooperation principle, which is basically that we collaborate and share selling requests that each partner owns in exclusivity. This means that all the partners manage the selling of the property together, we share the same ethical code, the same working procedures and we provide the customers with better consultancy services always aiming at the customer’s satisfaction. 

Being part of this group, there are only advantages:

Advantages for the seller: 

When an owner requests BRICKBaRCELONA the selling of a property, the request would simultaneously have an effect on all the real estate agencies which form APIALIA. All these agencies could advertise the property, since the selling request would have be done with shared exclusivity. In short, the seller would benefit from:

    • More real estate agencies which offer your property,
    • wider circulation of the property selling,
    • agents trained on Real Estate Marketing (CRS),
    • more potential buyers for your property,
    • quicker selling period.

Advantages for the buyer:

Through BRICKBaRCELONA, the buyer would access a wide range of properties in a quicker, easier and more comfortable way. Only by visiting BRICKBaRCELONA once, the buyers would multiply their chances in order to find the property that the client seeks. In addition, thanks to the shared exclusivity, the prices and conditions remain the same, regardless of the real estate agency you work with. In a nutshell, the buyer would have the following advantages: 

    • Prices in agreement with the current market tendencies,
    • more property offers,
    • agents trained on Real Estate Marketing (CRS),
    • more agents at your disposal. 
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