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1. I own a property and I would like to sell it, what kind of services does BRICKBaRCELONA offer me?

  • We value your property for free,
  • We advise you on the selling or rental price,
  • We apply for the Energy Efficiency Certificate, habitability certificate or any other document you need,
  • We manage the refurbishment of your property,
  • We look for the best buyer or tenant for your property,
  • We offer your property to worldwide investors,
  • We support you throughout the whole purchase or rental process.

2. How are the prices in Barcelona?

The selling price depends on several factors, mainly on the area and whether the property is new or not. 

The market price of second-hand apartments varies between €1,580 and €4,660 per square metre approximately depending on the zone. The average price in Barcelona is around €3,310/m2. 

As for new buildings, the average price is between €3,200 and €5,800 per square metre depending on the area. On average, the selling price for new apartments is around €4,000/m2.

These prices are merely indicative and approximate in order that the customer gets a general idea. In any case, these are binding prices.

3. What does the selling process look like?

Once the owner decides to sell the property, we set an appointment in order to view the property, check its condition, take pictures and gather all the necessary information to be able to value the selling price.

The next step is to sign a selling request, by which the owner hires the agent to undertake all the necessary steps to find the best buyer for the property. This selling request could be (1) exclusive, this means that only one agency can sell the property, or (2) without exclusivity, hence, several agencies can be responsible for the sale. The other option is (3) the shared exclusivity, which is the one we recommend.

In our case, we offer the shared exclusivity to our customers because we belong to a network called APIALIA. This includes real estate agencies located in the Zona Alta (high zone) of Barcelona which constitute a trade association part of the API union. All this means that when an owner requests BRICKBaRCELONA the selling of a property, the request would simultaneously have an effect on all the real estate agencies which form APIALIA. All these agencies could advertise the property, since the selling request would have been through the already mentioned shared exclusivity. These are not hundreds of agencies, yet APIALIA consists of around 20 agencies that work together, among the best ones located in the Zona Alta of Barcelona.

The shared exclusivity is the quickest and the most beneficial for the owner, due to the following reasons: 

  • Only one interlocutor ,
  • More real estate agencies which offer your property,
  • Wider circulation of the property selling,
  • Agents trained on Real Estate Marketing (CRS),
  • More potential buyers for your property,
  • Quicker selling period.

The following step is to publish the advertisement on BRICKBaRCELONA’s website, as well as in other national and international real estate websites. Then BRICKBaRCELONA counsels potential buyers and sets appointments with them to view the property. If the apartment is empty, the customer may want to lend a set of keys to the agent and then, the agent directly makes the appointments with the potential owners. Nevertheless, sometimes the owner prefers to attend the visits as well. In this case, the viewings would be made in agreement with the availability of the seller, the agent and the potential buyer.

Once there is a customer interested in the property, this is reserved. The purchase process starts with the deposit contract and it finishes with the notarial appointment.

4. I am a buyer, which advantages does BRICKBaRCELONA offer me in comparison to other real estate agencies?

BRICKBaRCELONA has been set up after the success achieved by its sister company in Berlin. BRICKBeRLIN is a real estate agency which has been specialised in foreign investors. Its trajectory started in 2008, offering its customers the possibility of investing in Berlin from any part of the world. The business has been developed safely, quickly, confidently and in the customer desired language. After the experience gained over the years, the BRICKBeRLIN team decided to offer the same services in Barcelona; therefore, BRICKBaRCELONA has been set in this Spanish city offering the following services:

  • Extensive knowledge about the real estate market in Barcelona;
  • Wide understanding of real estate investments;
  • Security while managing the property sale or rental; 
  • Independent counselling focused on your interests and priorities;
  • Support throughout the whole process;
  • Personal shopper service;
  • Personalised service in different languages: English, German, French, Italian, Catalan and Spanish;
  • Property purchase and management services: Architecture, license application, project feasibility, interior design and refurbishment services;
  • Team reliability and transparency;
  • Kind and close relationship with the customers;
  • Wide range of properties, since we belong to the trade association of APIALIA-Zona Alta, part of the API union.

5. Which advantages does BRICKBaRCELONA offer me as a buyer regarding the fact that the agency belong to APIALIA-Zona Alta?

The buyer will have a quick, easy and comfortable access to a wide range of properties. By visiting our real estate agency, your opportunities to find the desired property will be enlarged. Furthermore, thanks to the shared exclusivity agreement, selling prices and conditions will remain the same regardless of which real estate agency you work with. This means higher real estate market transparency which undoubtedly benefits the customers. The members of this association collaborate and share selling requests, managing the properties together. We share the same ethics code, the same procedures and we advise better our customers always looking forward to satisfying them. 

With us you will have the following advantages: 

  • Prices in agreement with the current market tendencies.
  • You will not have to visit many real estate agencies, by visiting one, you will be visiting all of them.
  • Maximal legal security for the buyer, since there is just one selling request for each property.
  • More property offers.
  • Agents trained on Real Estate Marketing (CRS).
  • More agents at your disposal. 

6. I am a foreign investor; can someone communicate with me in my mother tongue?

Yes, we are indeed specialised in remote selling and in representing our foreign investors. We strive every day to translate all the information and properties from our website into different languages. 

Contact us and we will help you in your language! We speak Catalan, Spanish, English, German, French and Italian. If you do not speak any of these languages, do not be shy and get in touch with us, we will find the way to help you and make you feel as comfortable as possible.

7. I am an investor, what should I do if I am interested in a property for sale?

When a customer is interested in a property, s/he contacts us in order to make an appointment to visit the property. If the customer actually wants to buy, the final purchase price is agreed and we reserve the property. To do this, both parties sign the reservation agreement and the buyer pays a little amount to the agency as a reservation deposit. In this document both parties agree the selling price and the deadline for the deposit contract which is usually signed the latest around two weeks later. 

This step is optional, since it is also possible to skip the reservation signature and to sign directly the deposit contract. This means that both contractual parties sign that the buyer has the right to buy the object. The buyer agrees to pay 10% of the selling price in order to reserve that right and s/he performs such payment at the moment of signing. The clauses included in this contract are negotiable, but it is commonly included that if the buyer cancels, s/he loses the deposit (amount paid) and if the seller cancels the process, s/he must return the double amount to the buyer.

8. How has the net income from the property details been calculated?

The monthly net income is the result of subtracting the owner’s part of the community expenses to the rent that the tenant pays. 

The annual rent is the monthly amount multiplied by twelve. 

The yield is the result of dividing the annual income by the purchase price and multiplying it by 100. 

This calculation does not include the subtraction of the property tax, any administration costs or the purchase costs. If you want to know exactly how much all this would be, please, contact us and we will make an exhaustive calculation for you.

9. How does a property purchase work?

The steps to follow are these:

  • The customer shows interest through the website, telephone, email or any other mean.
  • Property viewing. 
  • Agreement about the final price with the owner. 
  • Reservation of the property and payment of a little deposit. 
  • Signature of the deposit contract and payment of the 10% of the purchase price. 
  • Mortgage management, if necessary.
  • Signature of the purchase contract, public deed by the notary, payment of the remaining amount and keys transmission.

10. Which documents do I need to start with the purchase process?


  • DNI or passport.


  • Simple informative note from the Property Registry about the title and property charges. This is due when the selling request is formalised it is updated before receiving any payment from third parties interested in the purchase. 
  • Cadastral information.
  • Certificate of habitability or replacement document. 
  • Urban information.
  • Copy of the property tax payment receipt from the previous year.
  • Copy of the last mortgage receipt if there are no charges.
  • Copy of the last payment receipt of the community expenses.
  • Energy Efficiency Certificate.
  • Other relevant documents that may be relevant for the transaction accordintg to the current real estate legislation 
  • Lease contracts in force, in case the property is tenanted.
  • Plans.

11. I am a potential buyer from abroad; do I need any additional documents?

Yes. A foreign customer that wants to buy a property in Spain needs the NIE (Foreigner Identification Number). This management can be done personally or through a representative at the headquarters of the Home Office in Spain or directly by the person concerned at a Spanish Embassy or Consular Office in the customer’s country of residence. Do not hesitate to contact us and we will help you to accomplish this management.

12. What are the costs resulting from the housing purchase in Barcelona?

The expenses charged to the buyer may be higher to 10% of the property value. Apart from the purchase price, the buyer carries the following costs:

  • Mortgage expenses, if there is one.
  • If the apartment is new, the customer must pay 10% VAT. In cases of new properties but officially protected, the VAT amounts to 4%. If you are buying a second-hand housing, you must pay the ITP (Property Transaction Tax) which amounts to 10%. There are some aids for young people under 32 years old or with low incomes. In these cases, this amount is reduced to 5%.
  • Stamp duty tax that currently amounts to 0,5% - 1 % of the property value. 
  • Notary fees: these are fixed by the State and they usually range between 1% and 1.5% of the purchase price. 
  • Registration in the Land Registry: These expenses are usually around 1% of the purchase price. However, if a representative manages this, s/he may want to receive extra fees for such management. 
  • Housing insurance.
  • Contracting the general services such as water, electricity or gas.

13. When do I have to pay the purchase price and when do I get the keys?

On the day of signing the purchase contract and of the public deed by the notary, the buyer pays remaining amount (if the deposit contract has been previously signed) and s/he receives the keys transmission.
If the purchase includes mortgage, a bank agent will also come to the appointment with the notary. Then is when the buyer becomes the new owner.

14. What expenses are derived once I own a property in Barcelona?

  • Housing insurance.
  • Contracting the general services such as water, electricity, gas and telephone. 
  • Property Tax (IBI): This depends on the municipality where the property is located. 

15. What should I do if I want to rent a property?

In order to rent a property, you need a set of documents that is conditioned by your professional activity. In any case we need your national identity card (DNI), foreigner identification number (NIE) or passport. In case that you already rented a flat previously, we would need some references from your former landlord.
Furthermore, we would need justification of your professional activity and monthly incomes:
- If you are a private person, we will also need your work contract and the last two payslips.
- If you are a freelancer, we will need your last two VAT returns.
- If you are a student, we will need the university enrolment receipt and the data of your habitual or familiar residence.

16. What are the resulting costs if I decide to rent a flat?

The tenant usually pays the following expenses to the owner in advance:

  • The first monthly rent;
  • A deposit, which usually amounts to one monthly rent; 
  • In some cases, the owner asks for one or two months of rent as a guarantee of payment. 
  • In addition, the tenant is responsible for paying the costs of the rent management to BRICKBaRCELONA. This normally amounts to a monthly rent plus VAT in the case of housing properties and 10% of the annual income plus VAT in the case of premises or offices. 

17. Who pays the real estate fees to the agent?

In the case of rent processes, the tenant is the person who pays the professional fees. 

In the case of purchase processes is the seller who carries the real estate fees.

18. I have seen that you also have a real estate agency in Berlin, I am interested.

Yes, indeed. BRICKBeRLIN started its trajectory in 2008 and it has established itself as a real estate agency specialised in foreign customers looking forward to investing in one of the most important capitals in Europe. Visit our website of BRICKBeRLIN and contact us for more information by clicking here.

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